Thread installations

I really like the variety of things we can do with the threads/string in terms of form. It could be an inspiration when it comes to deciding the form for our project.

Megan Geckler >>> String Art Installations >>>  Installations are created with flagging tape (the plastic ribbon used on construction sites) and assembled by hand with help from assistants.


Kazuko Miyamato - addressing conventional vertical wall display yet also migrating from the wall

Aili Schmeltz  Goucher Glacier - 2008  nails, string and wood

neon web...oooh, awesome band name!

At first glance, I thought this was a hologram or a projected image. It amazes me how someone could have the patience to ensure each piece of thread was in place in order to come up with this as the final product. Intensive labor and love for art.


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