Technical electrical Ideas

Some great links I found that could be helpful for our electrical needs.


Lighting and Interactions

This piece looks at the interactions our shadows have with the light. It creates the pixelated images from whoever stands behind the screen, this would be an awesome way for the public to interact with our work.

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This piece i think works well with the subtlety of the colours used, becoming ornamental pieces within their own density. Appealing to us with the use of colour and delicacy.

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I think this is a great way to have a straight forward lighting system that could potentially compliment our other ideas of light in the musical scheme. Just a way to express beauty with lighting.



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Just a couple of quick sketch/diagram ideas for our “musical tent” idea.

I thought about the ideas of having harp strings that can be walked through/underneath as another way of public interaction, and play the harp strings from underneath the vertical tube like shape.

Also thought about the idea of having drums that are wired with coloured/uncoloured lights inside the drum that turn on/off as you hit them, Maybe this could be activated by the drum top itself or as one of the “clapping lights” that already exist.

We could also have some lanterns or something along the top of the “tent” for simple lighting, even just a dim steady lighting if this is all that is needed, maybe referring back to the earlier used balloons.


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